Mutual house  exchanges

Information about what a mutual exchange is, where to find other tenants to exchange with and what to do if you have found a tenant to exchange with.

You can find tenants to swap house with by registering on the housing exchange website: 

Visit the exchange website

What is a mutual exchange (house swap)?

If you are a secure council tenant you may be able to move to a different home by doing a mutual exchange or house swap. This is where one tenant swaps homes with another tenant, with our approval. The property should be suitable for your needs. Both tenants move on the same agreed date so that neither property is left empty. If you do this without our written permission you will have to move back.

You can arrange an exchange with another tenant of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, a secure tenant from another council or an assured tenant of a registered housing association or charitable housing trust, as long as you have the landlords written agreement to do so. It is possible to arrange three-way, or more, exchanges.

I’m a council tenant, where can I find other tenants who want to do a mutual exchange (house swap)?

You can register on the house exchange website to find tenants to exchange with – it is free to our tenants:

House Exchange website

When you register, your details are made available to hundreds of tenants from councils and housing associations. The site even allows you to identify three-way exchanges. If you don’t have a computer just visit one of our libraries and you can use the library computers there. If you have any queries regarding registering on the exchange website please contact us.

Tel: (01482) 396301

When you have found an exchange, or if you have any queries about the process of exchanging, contact your area housing office:

Tel: (01482) 396301

You could also put cards in local shop windows.

I’m a council tenant and I’ve found a tenant to exchange with, what do I do now?

When you find someone to exchange with, you should check each other's homes to make sure that they are suitable before agreeing to move. If the exchange goes ahead you will become responsible for any repairs, alterations, improvements and so on that have been carried out by the outgoing tenant so you should also make sure that you are happy with these.

You must not offer money or goods to anyone to encourage them to swap homes with you.

Both tenants will need to complete a Mutual Exchange Application Form, and a Housing Application Form (if they are not already on our waiting list). You can request the forms by emailing or telephone (01482) 396301.

A housing management officer will check your home and will check that you do not have any rent arrears or other housing-related debts. Your move may be delayed or refused if you have broken your tenancy agreement in some way.

Normally an exchange will be agreed by us providing that:

  • both properties are the right size for the incoming household’s needs, and
  • neither household is having legal action taken against them for breaking their tenancy conditions
  • one of the properties was allocated because of special needs, e.g. disabled persons, and if the swap took place there would no longer be a person with these special needs living in the home.

If you have breached one of your conditions of tenancy, for example, you have not paid your rent, your exchange may be approved subject to conditions, that is that you pay the outstanding rent before the exchange goes ahead.

We will give you a decision within 42 days of receiving your written request to exchange.

Once permission to exchange has been granted in writing, you must agree on a date to move and will need to sign a deed of assignment to legally transfer your tenancy to the household that you are exchanging with. Once the deed of assignment is signed you must move. You will be the legal tenant of your new home and will have no rights to stay in your old home.

When you move you should take meter readings and inform your utility supplier, you may also need to redirect your post. The Post Office website provides information on how to do this:

Post Office redirection information (external website)

If you claim housing benefit you will need to inform the council's housing benefits team.

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