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Why was the recent YORSwitch auction cancelled?

In our recent February auction suppliers could not bid with the tariffs below, or indeed even get close to the Ofgem price cap. Our first priority remains to save residents money on their energy bills, with the second to help people make more sustainable choices, therefore we have a moral obligation to not advise switching if it does not make economical sense. Unfortunately, and for reasons beyond our control, these are the circumstances we currently find ourselves in.

What has happened?

The last few months, and indeed the last year, have been very unusual for the energy market, with persistently high and fluctuating wholesale prices. 

Open market fixed tariffs remain above both Ofgem’s current Price Cap and the new higher Cap introduced from 1 April. The Price Cap limits what suppliers can charge on a variable tariff. As the market stands, there are no savings to be made by switching from a Standard Variable Tariff (SVT) to a fixed tariff. 

For residents

We will continue to help you make an informed decision in a safe environment. For further information, you can visit the  Big Community Switch information page or see the  FAQ page. Should you have any further questions. For information why prices are so high, to our Energy Saving Tips Page for some advice on ways to reduce energy use at home

We are encouraging you to 'roll forward' your registration to the next 'MAY' scheme.

Our advice to residents for their specific circumstances is:

  • if they are on a Standard Variable Tariff, don’t switch:
    We suggest they might want to stay on their Standard Variable Tariff. Their current energy supplier may offer them a fixed tariff which they may want to consider accepting if it is cheaper than remaining on the Standard Variable Tariff. This is unlikely right now.
  • if they are on a fixed tariff, don’t switch:
    Assuming they fixed their tariff before the recent rises in the market, this is likely to represent a good deal compared to what is in the market now, so they will want to stay on their fixed tariff until the end of their contract.  

I've registered with YORSwitch, what happens next?

Thank you to all who registered with YORSwitch. An online reverse auction will be held as soon as the market has stabilised. For any queries please contact us on (01482) 393939.

About your personal offer

When you receive your personal offer, it will tell you who the winning supplier is and their rates for your annual energy consumption.  The offer letter or email you receive will also show your current annual usage which you told us when registering for the scheme so that you are able to compare how much money you would save by switching. 

Please note: consider the offer carefully and check with your current provider if you will have to pay a penalty charge for terminating your contract (you can usually switch 42-49 days before the end of a fixed-term contract without incurring a penalty).

You have until TBA to accept your offer. If you have any questions about your offer or would like to discuss your options, please telephone the customer service centre on (01482) 393939.

How can I enter the 'Refer a Friend' competition?

After fully completing a registration for the collective energy switching scheme, all online registrants will receive an automated prompt to receive a sample ‘tell-a‐friend’ email with a unique link to the registration page of the scheme. 

What are YORSwitch events?

Key to the success of YORSwitch is engaging with the community and uniting residents to benefit from the power of numbers. We work in the community; holding roadshows, attending events, speaking at a meeting and arranging drop-in sessions. Anybody is welcome to attend to ask questions, sign up to YORSwitch or to discuss their energy options.

When are YORSwitch events held?

For support in switching contact the iChoosr contact centre:

info@ichoosr.co.uk or 0800 048 8285, Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:30pm.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Customer Service Centre (01482) 393939 (Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm).

YORSwitch important dates

 Please bring a copy of your latest energy bill or Annual statement to a support session in order to register. 

Date Event Time
Monday 21 February 2022 Rollover Registrations from cancelled October Auction  
Monday 28 February 2022
Registration continues   
Open-ended Registration

To be announced YORSwitch Auction  

Can the YORSwitch team attend my event?

Yes. The YORSwitch team welcome any opportunity to speak to residents and tell them about how YORSwitch can help them. 

If you have a group you would like us to speak to or are running an event you would like us to attend,  please contact us to discuss, no matter how big or how small.

Romney Clayton 
Tel: (01482) 395380 
Email:  yorswitch.enquiries@eastriding.gov.uk

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