Work experience with the council

Information about how you can apply for a work experience placement with the council, who can apply, what jobs you can do and how long placements last.

What kind of work can I do?

Work experience opportunities are possible in many different roles with the council but not all locations may be able to offer them. Please use the online work experience application form to find out more about the placements on offer.

Apply for a work experience placement with council (opens in new window) 

How long will my placement last?

Work experience placements last for a limited period varying from one week up to 148 hours (depending on the nature of work and type of placement).

How do I arrange a placement?

You can apply for a work experience placement online using the form link below:

Apply for a work experience placement with council (opens in new window)

Using the form you will be able to select from a range of placement opportunities depending on the type of work you're interested in and the location. The opportunity you select will list any pre-requirements e.g.qualifications and/or age restrictions.

Can I apply for a placement even if I’m beyond school age?

Yes. Anybody can apply for a work experience placement, even current employees (providing it does not impact upon their substantive post). 

Will the council pay me for the work I do whilst on placement?

No. Work experience placements are unpaid and unfortunately, we are unable to cover any expenses.

How will I know what my duties are?

You will have a supervisor assigned to you for the duration of your placement who can tell you what your duties are. 

Placement details

You will receive an email notification confirming placement details which will include:

  • details of the location that your placement will be held at
  • dates and times
  • details of the person you should report to. 

It will be up to you to contact the supervisor to introduce yourself before your first day and discuss what you will be doing. The supervisor will be responsible for your programme of work and deal with any problems or queries.

Am I covered by the council’s insurance and health and safety policies whilst on my placement?

Yes. You are covered by both the council’s insurance and health and safety policies. You will be given a health and safety induction on your first day so you are aware of fire evacuation procedures, location of first aiders and safe use of your workstation/work area.

Can I apply for ‘internal only’ vacancies whilst on my placement?

No. Only employees of the council can apply for internal vacancies.

Who can I contact to find out more?

If you have any queries about work experience, please email workexperience@eastriding.gov.uk.