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What can I learn?

Whether you want to get started using a computer, laptop or tablet or get some experience and a qualification in using Microsoft Office software, we offer a series of courses designed to help you in everyday life and work. Courses run at different times during the year and some of the courses currently on offer are listed below.

To find out what's on offer right now please search for courses local to you on our course finder or contact your local centre.

ICT for complete beginners

This course will provide you with a simple introduction to using a computer in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. You will learn how to turn a computer on and off correctly, and will cover the essential skills required to operate a computer, including how to use the keyboard and mouse. You will learn how to use some useful programmes and get started with using the Internet. Find out more about computer and digital skills courses.

Improve your computer and digital skills

This course is designed to support you to develop your everyday computer skills. You will work towards an accredited qualification in one or more of the following subjects: IT user fundamentals; spreadsheet software; word processing software; using email; internet and the world wide web. Qualifications in ICT are suitable for learners of all ages who wish to be recognised for their achievement of a wide range of practical ICT skills for use in everyday life. Find out more about computer and digital skills courses.


The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is an internationally recognised IT qualification designed to give you the skills to use a computer confidently and effectively. We deliver level 1 and level 2 qualifications on a flexible learning basis which means that you can join at any point and work towards a learning plan (and level) that is right for you. Find out more about computer and digital skills courses.

Tablet and smartphone skills

Whether you want to get started with your tablet or smartphone or get to know more about more advanced features and apps, we offer a series of short courses to help. Find out more about computer and digital skills courses.

Online shopping

Wanting to search for the best price but finding the process of ordering online frustrating? Then our online shopping course is the one for you! The Internet has transformed the way we shop, enabling us to search for prices online, obtain information and specifications about different products and even buy our daily groceries. On this course you will learn to browse for products you like on the internet as well as compare prices to find the best deal. Find out more about computer and digital skills courses.

Protecting yourself from cyber risks

The Internet can seem like a huge and scary place. How do you know the real risks and what steps can you take to keep yourself and your family safe? On this short course, you will be introduced to some of the most common risks and learn ways to mitigate them. You will leave feeling more confident in your ability to use the Internet safely. Find out more about computer and digital skills courses.

Recognising fake news and online scams

In this digital age, we are bombarded with news stories, warnings and advertising, but how much of it can we trust? How confident are you that you can spot a hoax or a scam? This short course will look at simple ways of identifying hoaxes, including some quick ways of checking them out before responding or sharing. Find out more about computer and digital skills courses.

Where can I learn?

There are four main adult learning centres around the East Riding and many of our courses are taught in these centres. For more information on the venues, please see the where to find us page.

How much do courses cost?

Course costs vary, depending on the duration and type of course, and your personal circumstances (for example, if you’re on certain benefits or you’re taking a particular qualification). For more information on course types, concessions and paying by instalments, please see our how much courses costs page.

How do I find and book on a course?

You can use our course finder to search for courses by title, subject or location.

You can also contact your nearest adult learning centre where our friendly staff will be happy to give you more information about courses that interest you.

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