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Buswise is a partnership between the council, schools, parents, pupils and local bus companies. This partnership will work together to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant journey using either the school bus or public transport.

What is Buswise?

Buswise provides a safe and pleasant journey to pupils who use the home to school transport. It’s a partnership between the council, schools, parents, pupils and local bus companies. This partnership works together to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant journey using school and public transport.

What are the behaviour rules on school transport?

The Buswise behavioural guide for students:


  • sit down immediately and remain in your seat for the whole of the journey

  • use socially acceptable language and behaviour

  • respect others’ property

  • listen to and follow the instructions of the driver and the teachers on duty

  • show your bus pass to the driver on boarding

  • buy a ticket if you are not using a bus pass

  • have your bus pass or ticket available for inspection when required.


  • throw objects inside or out of the bus

  • eat or drink on the bus

  • distract the driver

  • smoke on the bus, this includes e-cigarettes/vaping

  • harass, bully or abuse other passengers, the driver or members of the public

  • damage or interfere with the vehicle

  • engage in any behaviour that could put you or others at risk.

What happens if I misbehave?

Students who choose to behave in an unsafe or unacceptable manner risk being refused transport. Students who misbehave will be dealt with in accordance with the document below:

Parental Guidance - Suspension and withdrawal of home to school transport for unacceptable behaviour 2023-28 (pdf 136kb)

Minor incidents

For a minor, first time incident, a warning letter will be sent to the pupil's home and the transport operator.

Serious incidents

A more serious incident can result in a ban from using school transport from anywhere between a few days to a whole year.

Incidents on safety grounds

Where justified on safety grounds or other reasons, the council can decide not to provide transport for a pupil. If this is the case, the pupil’s parents would have to make their own home to school transport arrangements.

Please note: parents can make a representation against a suspension of more than one term or a permanent withdrawal of access to transport.

Paying for damages

If a pupil causes damage to a vehicle, they and their parents will be required to pay for the repairs.

Getting prosecuted

Where justified and appropriate, an incident will be referred to the police for investigation and possible prosecution.

How do I report a Buswise incident?

Report a school transport incident

If you have a problem completing the form please call 03456 445959, 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Please note: you cannot report a Buswise school transport incident if the incident occurred over two months ago.

Are incidents reported anonymously?

You have the option to remain anonymous when reporting a Buswise incident - just make sure you are not logged into your account.

All information given when reporting an incident is confidential.

Who can report incidents?

Anyone can report an incident, including pupils who travel on the bus, bus drivers, local residents, other passengers and parents.

How do I receive an update on the incident I have reported?

All incidents will be dealt with either by the school, the bus company, or the East Riding of Yorkshire Council transport team or a combination of all three. If you have left your contact details we will inform you of the outcome of the investigation.

Is CCTV footage used to deal with incidents?

Yes. Some buses have CCTV and this footage can be used as evidence during an investigation of an incident. CCTV is operated in accordance with our CCTV protocol.

Only authorised officers are able to view CCTV footage. Depending on the seriousness of the incident this may be council officers, bus company staff and the police.

Can I report the incident directly to the school?

No, all incidents must be reported using the hotline number 03456 445959 or the online form

This ensures that all incidents are recorded accurately and dealt with appropriately.

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