Personal Transport Budgets

A Personal Transport Budget (PTB) is a payment to a parent, carer or student instead of transport provided by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, for children and young people who are eligible to receive home to school or college transport. Find out more here.

What is a Personal Transport Budget?

A Personal Transport Budget (PTB) is a payment to a parent, carer or student instead of transport provided by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, for children and young people who are eligible to receive home to school or college transport. 

A PTB allows families to arrange home to school or college transport in a way that suits them. This can be bespoke, allowing families to make flexible arrangements. It provides freedom for the family to choose their preferred transport arrangements and, be able to monitor the quality of their child’s transport directly. A PTB could be used to overcome barriers that may ordinarily prevent parents/carers from getting their child to school/college.  Whilst the council may have some suggestions on how a PTB could be used, parents/carers may have other ideas (we call these proposals), which the council will be happy to consider.  

PTBs are part of the council’s Home to School and College Transport Policy. Further details can be found here on the council’s website on the School/college Transport Information including Home to School Transport Policy.

How can my child be considered for a PTB?

A PTB is granted at the discretion of the council for children and young people eligible to receive home to school or college transport assistance, however, a PTB may not always be possible if it is not an efficient use of council’s resources.

If the council is mindful to consider a PTB, you will be contacted by the education transport officer who will work with you to develop your proposal.

Please note: that it is important you ensure the arrangements you make for your child’s transport are reliable. You will also be asked for a contingency plan for unforeseen circumstances.

Please email schoolorganisation@eastriding.gov.uk to apply.

What happens next if the council is happy to proceed with a PTB?

Individuals who have been offered a PTB will be asked to sign an agreement. This sets out the role of the parent/carer and the council in the PTB process.

Later in the process, you will be required to provide bank account details.

The council transfers the PTB payment prior to commencement into your designated bank account. You can then arrange and manage your child’s transport arrangements in a way that best suits you.

How will my PTB be calculated?

The amount you will receive is based on your proposal and the following agreement from the council. Every proposal is different as each, reflects the needs of the child or young person and the families’ circumstances. The council could, for example, support you with a mileage allowance, bus passes, train fares, fund a child minder or pay you to pay a friend or private hire taxi company.

How will the PTB be paid?

Payment of a PTB will be made in advance at the start of each half-term and is based on the number of days in your child’s school or college timetable for that period. You do not need to open a separate bank account to be used solely for receiving payments, however, if your child already has an account for a direct payment, you can use that.

How can I spend the PTB?

The PTB is paid to make sure your child can get to school and back and how you do this will have been discussed and agreed during the proposal stage.

Will I still have to pay a contribution annually towards transport costs if the young person is aged 16-19 years?

If your child is in post-16 education, then yes, you are required to contribute. This contribution will be deducted from your Personal Transport Budget. However, for students who are members of a low-income family or who are living independently and who meet relevant income criteria, the contribution payment for the academic year is reduced by 50%. A low-income family or a student on a low income is in receipt of any of the following:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • the Guaranteed Element of Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (provided the person is not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and has an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
  • Universal Credit – household income must be less than £7,400 a year (after tax and not including any benefits you are in receipt of). 

The student or the student’s parents and other members of the household will be asked to provide evidence of their entitlement to or receipt of the above support.

Please note: this contribution payment will increase in line with inflation each academic year and the position will be reviewed in January 2027. Further details can be found here on the council’s website on the School/college Transport Information including Home to School Transport Policy.

Could my PTB be reduced or stopped?

Yes, the provision of a PTB will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure your child remains eligible and that the PTB is the most efficient way of providing transport assistance. 

The council is keen to encourage children to travel as independently as possible, so, for example, if your child undertakes Independent Travel Training and is able to travel to school or college more independently, we will work with you to move away from a PTB to supporting your child to travel to school or college more independently. 

We carry out half termly attendance checks and your payments could potentially be reduced if journeys have been paid for in a previous payment that were not carried out.

We also deduct the Post-16 contribution charge from your payments.

As part of your PTB agreement, if you move house or your child changes school or college you must inform the council’s Education Transport Officer via email or phone: 

Email: schoolorganisation@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482 392100)

Do I need to inform you if my child is absent from school?

No, as per the agreement that you have signed, the Local Authority will obtain attendance information and amend your next half terms PTB payment accordingly.

Can I stop my PTB?

Once in receipt of a PTB you accept that, unless your personal circumstances change significantly, it is expected you will continue with this for the full academic year. If your circumstances unexpectedly change significantly and you are no longer able to continue with your PTB, you will need to notify the Education Transport Officer:

Email: schoolorganisation@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482 392100)

Will it have an impact on benefits I currently receive?

PTBs are not a benefit. 

Any income from a PTB is neither taxable nor will it affect any benefit claim for parents or carers participating in the scheme.  However, it is the responsibility of the recipient of the PTB to check with any relevant services that this is the case for their own personal circumstances.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you would like more information, please contact the Education Transport Officer on:

Email: schoolorganisation@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482 392100)

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