Wilberfoss CE VC Primary School

Route description
Pocklington, Burns Close > Kexby >Newton upon Derwent, Bus Stop> Wilberfoss CE VC Primary School > Newton upon Derwent, Bus Stop > Sutton upon Derwent, Orchard Liveries > Sutton upon Derwent, Sandhill Lane > Sutton upon Derwent Primary School
Route number
767 (Pass holders only)
Morning route and times
  • 07:50 -Pocklington, Burns Close
  • 08:00 -Kexby
  • 08:20 -Newton upon Derwent, Bus Stop
  • 08:30 -Wilberfoss CE VC Primary School
  • 08:40 -Newton upon Derwent, Bus Stop
  • 08:43 -Sutton upon Derwent, Orchard Liveries
  • 08:46 -Sutton upon Derwent, Sandhill Lane
  • 08:50 -Sutton upon Derwent Primary School
Return route and times
  • 15:25 -Wilberfoss CE VC Primary School
  • 15:35 -Newton upon Derwent, Bus Stop
  • 15:40 -Sutton upon Derwent Primary School
  • 15:43 -Sutton upon Derwent, Sandhill Lane
  • 15:46 -Sutton upon Derwent, Orchard Liveries
  • 15:50 -Newton upon Derwent, Bus Stop
  • 16:10 -Kexby
  • 16:20 -Pocklington, Burns Close
Bus operator
Beverley Community Lift - (01482) 888226
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