School admission appeals

Make a school admission appeal, making more than one appeal per year, appeal panel, attend appeal hearing and if appeal is unsuccessful. 

How can I make a school admission appeal?

Applicants refused a place at a school for their child normally have the right to appeal against the decision to refuse admission. To make an appeal you will need to complete an appeal form which can be obtained from the School Admissions Team.

Appeals must only be submitted by someone who has full parental responsibility for the child concerned. You should complete the appeal form, setting out clearly why you want your child to go to the particular school you want. For your appeal to be successful you will have to show why your child should have to go to that particular school and not to any other school. 

Applicants refused a place at a school for their child will be given the right to appeal. Appeals will be heard by independent admission appeal panels. 

Further information about admission appeals can be obtained from the School Admissions Team.

To contact the School Admissions team:

Tel: (01482) 392100 or
Email: schooladmissions@eastriding.gov.uk

Can I make more than one appeal per year?

You can appeal for places at any number of schools but will normally only be allowed to appeal once for a place at a given school in the same school year.  A further appeal for a place at the same school will only be allowed if there has been a significant change in circumstances which substantially affects the reasons why you want a place at the school or if new information comes to light which was not available when the original appeal was heard.

Who sits on the appeal panel?

Your appeal will be heard by an independent admission appeal panel of three people. The chairperson and members of the appeal panel are appointed by the council and include teachers, parents, lay members and other people familiar with the local education system. The panel members who consider your case will have no connection with the admission authority, the council or a school which is the subject of the appeal. The panel members' decision is binding on all parties; the appellant, the admission authority and the school.

Can I attend the appeal hearing?

Yes. You can choose whether or not to attend the appeal in person. If you attend, you will be able to speak in support of your appeal and will be able to answer any questions that the appeal panel members may have. If you do not attend, the appeal will be considered on the basis of what you have written in your case and any supporting documents you have sent in.

If you decide to attend the hearing, you may be accompanied or represented by a friend, advisor, interpreter or signer who may speak on your behalf at the hearing.

This friend or advisor can be a Choice Advisor, a locally elected politician, or a local education authority employee such as a social worker, special educational needs advisor or learning mentor, provided that this will not lead to a conflict in interest.

If my appeal is unsuccessful, what can I do next?

If you want to challenge the decision made by the independent admission appeal panel, you should seek legal advice.

If you feel that the way in which the procedures or admissions decisions have been reached by the council or the way in which you appeal was dealt with have been improper or unreasonable, you can make a complaint to the council.

If you are not happy with the council's response to that complaint you can make a further complaint to the Commissioner for Local Government Administration (Ombudsman).

Commissioner for Local Government Administration (Ombudsman)
Beverley House
Shipton Road
YO3 6FZ.

The Ombudsman will look at the way your application and appeal were administered.

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