Assistance for searching the section 31 register

In order to simplify the search process, and because the register currently contains so few records, the option of searching on a particular field is not available. This may result in the retrieval of records that you might not expect. The keyword you have used will appear somewhere in the record. 

You may either:

  • view the whole register dataset, by using the Search button

  • narrow the dataset by using the Keywords search


The keywords search will look for any word, phrase or number in the database. So for example, if you enter part of a postcode, all the records containing that data will be retrieved. Be aware that a keyword phrase may not retrieve what you are looking for, if that form of wording is not used in the register. A subsequent keyword search will look at the complete database, not the previous subset found.

The list retrieved shows the declaration unique reference number, the description of land affected and the parish affected. Click on the Unique Reference number in order to view the complete record for a specific declaration.

If there is no information in a field, the record does not show the field for that record.

Keyword search suggestions:

 You would like to know Use as a keyword Records the search will recover 
Are there any declarations within my postcode area? Your postcode or part of the postcode Any declaration that goes across that postcode area.
Are there any declarations in my parish? Specific parish name Any declaration that crosses that parish.
Are there any declarations near my village/town? Specific village/town name Any declarations that mentions that village/ town in the database record, which will include all those near that place
I would like the information on a specific declaration and I know the unique reference number of  a particular declaration The unique reference number The specific declaration relating to that unique reference number


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