Library computers

Join the library to book and learn how to use computers. See available software applications and computer facilities at libraries. How to print from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or home PC. 

How do I book a library computer?

All branch libraries and some mobile libraries have computers which are free for you to use.

You do not always need to book a computer session, it depends on how busy the library is, but you can book up to a one-hour session per day by popping in or calling the library:

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The first time you use the computers you will have to register and read and agree to the over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Policy and sign the over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Declaration form.

You will also need to take your library card to sign in each time you visit.

Library computers over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Policy (word 78kb)

Over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Declaration form (pdf 51kb)

Do I need to join the library to use the computers?

On the first occasion you will have to register to use the library computers and read and agree to the over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Policy and sign the over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Declaration form.

You will also need to take your library card to sign in each time you visit.

Library computers over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Policy (word 78kb)

Over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Declaration form (pdf 51kb)

Join the library online 

What software applications can I use at the library?

You can use:

  • Internet Explorer and Google Chrome with broadband connectivity for web searches and email
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Please note: as part of our library computer upgrade programme we will only be providing access to Google docs, sheets and slides software applications and not Microsoft Office. As of 23 April 2019, we have upgraded Beverley Library, Bridlington Central Library, Bridlington North Library, Cottingham Centre, Goole Library, Hedon Centre and Hessle Centre computers  
  • Picasa 3 photography editing software
  • Scanning facilities at all libraries except Leven Library and mobile libraries.

Social media

We are currently upgrading our library computers and if you are aged 15+ you can access social media at Beverley Library. 

Do libraries have free WiFi?

Yes. All our branch libraries have free, unlimited WiFi.

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Can I learn about computers and the internet at the library?

Yes, all the computer activities taking place across the East Riding can be found on our computer events section of the website.

Can I learn the basics of using a tablet?

Download the 'Tablet Time' guide and follow the suggestions to improve your skills and confidence in using your own device: Tablet Time guide (pdf 347kb)

Work through each level on your own, or join/start a 'Tablet Time' team. With this guide saved to your device, you can choose where to level up your tablet skills. At your local library using our free unlimited WiFi, from the comfort of your own home, or on the go.

Can I learn about internet safety?

Friends Against Scams

Friends Against Scams (external website)

Friends Against Scams is a National Trading Standards Scams Team initiative which aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering people to take a stand against scams.

Friends Against Scams is designed to inspire action, highlight the scale of the problem, change the perceptions of why people fall for scams and make scams a community, regional and national topic.

By attending a Friends Against Scams awareness session or completing the online learning, anyone can learn about the different types of scams and how to spot and support a victim. With increased knowledge and awareness, people can make scams part of everyday conversation with their family, friends and neighbours, which will enable them to protect themselves and others.

Booklets for parents

NSPCC - Online safety - A guide for parents (pdf 283kb) 

NSPCC - A parents guide to being Share Aware (pdf 1mb)

Website links for parents and children

UK Safer Internet Centre (external website) 

BBC Own IT (external website) 

Cyber Aware - Government website (external website)

Short online course

This course is self-paced and can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.

Learn My Way - Introduction to internet safety (external website) *Requires registration to begin.

Longer online courses 

Both require online registration to begin.

Future Learn - Cyber Security: Safety at Home, Online, in Life. 3-week online course for 3 hours per week (external website) 

Future Learn - Introduction to Cyber Security. 8-week online course for 3 hours per week (external website)

*This course is accredited by GCHQ Certified Training and The Institute of Information Security Professionals.

Can I look for a job online at the library?

You can search for jobs, write your CV and apply online for jobs. There is lots of online advice available and you can also use our library catalogue to search for books that will help you write your CV and provide useful information on interview techniques and so forth. 

You will need your library card number and PIN to do this. 

Jobs at the council (external East Riding website)

Library catalogue (external website)

How do I get my PIN?

When you join the library a PIN is automatically generated for you. If you want to reset your PIN to something more memorable or you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it.

Reset Your PIN (external website) 

Alternatively, your PIN can be issued or changed in person at any East Riding of Yorkshire branch library or mobile library.

Find a branch library 

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For security reasons, we are unable to do anything to do with your PIN over the telephone. 

Can I scan, print and save my work on a library computer?

Facilities vary at each library. All have print facilities for A4 in black and white. Branch libraries also have A4 colour printing facilities and most have scanning facilities. Scanning is free but there is a small charge to print, see below for pricing:

Printing from public-use PCs

  • Black and white, 20p per A4 page
  • Colour, 50p per A4 page.
  • Black and white, 40p per A3 page (available at Hedon Centre only)
  • Colour, £1.00 per A3 page (available at Hedon Centre only)

A full list of library fees and charges is available on the library fees and charges page.

 You can't save your work on our computers as you would on a home computer. We suggest the following methods to save your work:

  • Memory stick/USB drive. Please note: password-protected memory sticks are not compatible with library computers.
  • Create free online cloud storage. This is sometimes provided by your email provider or you could use Google Drive or similar cloud storage services.

Can I print from my smartphone, tablet, laptop or home PC?

Yes, you can. As part of our computer upgrade programme, we are installing 'Click-Print-Go'. This enables you to send items to print from any mobile device or home PC and collect your printing securely within 72 hours.

'Click-Print-Go' is currently available at Beverley Library, Bridlington Central Library, Bridlington North Library, Cottingham Centre, Goole Library, Haltemprice Library and Customer Services, Hedon Centre, Hessle Centre, and Hornsea Library. 

Costs for printing are:

Price per A4 sheet. 
Black and White: 20p. 
Colour: 50p. 

Price per A3 sheet (available at Hedon Centre only).
Black and White: 40p
Colour: £1.00

Instructions on how to send and retrieve your printing are below:

1. Email your document to the relevant email address:

Beverley Library

Colour A4: bevcolour@printspots.com
Black and White A4: bevmono@printspots.com

Bridlington Central Library

Colour A4: bridcolour@printspots.com
Black and White A4: bridmono@printspots.com         

Bridlington North Library

Colour A4: norbridcolour@printspots.com
Black and White A4: norbridmono@printspots.com

Cottingham Centre

Colour A4: cotcolour@printspots.com
Black and White A4: cotmono@printspots.com

Goole Library

Colour A4: goocolour@printspots.com
Black and White A4: goomono@printspots.com

Haltemprice Library and Customer Services

Colour A4: haltcolour@printspots.com 
Black and White A4: haltmono@printspots.com

Hedon Centre

Colour A4: hedcolour@printspots.com
Black and White A4: hedmono@printspots.com
Colour A3: hedmonoa3@printspots.com
Black and White A3: hedcoloura3@printspots.com

Hornsea Library

Colour A4: horcolour@printspots.com
Black and White A4: hormono@printspots.com

Hessle Centre

Colour A4: hesscolour@printspots.com
Black and White A4: hessmono@printspots.com

2. Receive a Privacy Release Code 

You will receive your Privacy Release Code by return email from 'PrinterOn Printspots', normally within 1-2 minutes. 
Please note: you receive separate, distinct codes for the email message and any attachment(s).

3. Retrieve your Printed Document

At the Click-Print-Go kiosk at the relevant library, enter your Privacy Release Code and press Print. Then make payment and press Confirm. You have 72 hours to retrieve your document. After the first print, you can reprint up to 10 times within 1 hour.

Can children and young people use the library computers?

Yes, children and young people can use the library computers but there are some rules and policies to follow. 

Read more to find out what these are:

Under 8-year-olds must use the computers with an adult who has read the Over-16s' Internet Acceptable Use Policy, and signed the Over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Declaration form. Follow the links below to print these documents.

Library Computers Over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Policy (word 78kb)

Over-16s Internet Acceptable Use Declaration form (pdf 51kb)

8 to 15 year-olds must get a parent’s signature and agree to the Under-16s Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Print a copy of the Under-16s Acceptable Use Policy from the link below
  • Ask your parent or guardian to read and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Ask your parent or guardian to sign the form at the end and detach it
  • Take the signed form along your local library
  • You will also need to take your library card each time to sign in.

Under-16s Acceptable Use Policy (pdf 144kb)