Registering a birth

Information on who and where you can register a birth, the cost, how long it takes, do you need the baby with you and information that is required. Also, what if you can't register within 42 days, if the birth was outside the East Riding, English is not your first language, you are in a same sex relationship, and can the father's details be added later.

You have 42 days (6 weeks) in which to register the birth.  If you are married to each other either one of you can attend. Please decide who is attending before calling for your appointment. If parents are not married you will both need to attend but we would suggest you call us for further advice. 

Please be aware that you do not need to attend with the baby. Until further notice we are suspending birth declarations for births which have taken place in neighbouring districts such as Hull, North Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and York. Please contact the appropriate registration office for further advice.

Make an appointment to register a birth

Who can register a birth?

If the parents were married to each other at the time of the birth either the mother or the father can register the baby. If the parents were not married to each other at the time of the birth the father's details can only be entered in the register in the following circumstances:

  • where the mother and the father attend together to register the birth
  • where the father is unable to attend with the mother it is possible for him to make a statutory declaration, confirming that he is the father, the mother should give this to the registrar. Statutory Declaration on Parentage (pdf 28.5kb)
  • where the mother cannot attend the office with the father, it is possible for her to make a statutory declaration, confirming the name of the father, which the father should give to the registrar
  • where either parent has obtained a relevant court order this should be given to the registrar who will advise further
  • the mother can register the birth on her own without any of the above but, the father's details will not be recorded in the register. Please remember one of the parents must register the birth in person. They cannot ask a friend or relative to register the birth on their behalf.

How do I register a birth?

Your baby’s birth must be registered in the registration district in which it occurred within 42 days. If your baby was born within East Riding of Yorkshire, you will need to make an appointment at any one of our registration offices and bring all the relevant information to register the birth.

Find your nearest registration office

A birth certificate can be issued immediately at the appointment.

If possible, please bring the following documents with you to the appointment to help us record accurate information:

  • passports, driving licences or proof of parents' names
  • marriage or civil partnership certificate (if applicable)
  • proof of your address.

Book an appointment online

Use our online booking system to make an appointment at your chosen registration office:

Make an appointment to register a birth

How much does it cost to register a birth?

There is no cost to register a birth. 

There is a charge of £11.00 per certificate if you require a short birth certificate showing just the child's details or a full birth certificate which will include parent’s details. 

Many parents purchase a full copy certificate which includes parent's details at the time of registration as this version will be needed when applying for a passport or to open a bank account for the child. Copies requested at any time after the birth registration has been completed will cost more.

What happens during a registration and how long will it take?

The registration will take between 15 to 30 minutes. The registrar will record details onto the computer and print the birth register page or declaration form when the birth has occurred in another district, based on information given by (a) legally qualified informant(s). Where a declaration is made, the register entry must accord precisely with the declaration.

It is very important that the information is accurate as the register is a historical legal record. If any corrections are required, there is a formal procedure to follow which is time-consuming and currently costs up to £100. The onus is on the informant to provide evidence so the correction can be made.

To avoid this, informants are asked

  • to BRING documents to the appointment which confirm important details

  • to CHECK the draft very carefully before signing the register/declaration

  • to TELL the registrar before signing the register/declaration if something is incorrect.

If you discover an error after the register/declaration has been signed, you should refer to:

GOV.UK - Correct birth registration (external website)

for information as to how to correct it and for confirmation of the fee which will apply.

If the registration is by declaration the registrar will send the details on to the office in the district where the birth took place and the birth certificate will be sent to you through the post.

Can I register a birth that has taken place outside of the East Riding?

If your baby was born outside East Riding of Yorkshire we cannot register the birth but, we can record the details and forward those onto the appropriate register office and then any birth certificates you have requested will then be sent to you by post. This is called a registration by declaration. You can make an appointment at any one of our offices in either case.

Make an appointment for a birth declaration

What happens if I cannot register the birth within 42 days?

After six weeks you will get a formal letter demanding that the birth is registered. If you do not attend after receiving this formal notice you are liable to prosecution. If you are likely to have any difficulty attending within the 42 day period please let us know. We may be able to extend the period if there are good reasons for doing so.

Email: registration.service@eastriding.gov.uk

Alternatively you can contact us on (01482) 393600.

Do I need to bring the baby with me when I register?

You are welcome to bring the baby with you but it is not necessary.

What information will the registrar want at the time of registration?

For the baby:

  • date and place of the baby’s birth (time if there was more than one baby born)
  • the sex of the baby(ies)
  • first name(s) and surname (please be clear on spellings).

For the mother:

  • your first name(s) and surname, maiden name if you are or have been married
  • any other names that you are using now or have used in the past
  • your date and place of the birth
  • your address at the time of the birth
  • your occupation at the time of birth, or any time before
  • if you are married the date of your marriage
  • the number of children that you have given birth to before. 

For the father (if his details are to be entered in the register):

  • first name(s) and surname
  • any other names that you are using now or have used in the past
  • date and place of the birth occupation at the time of the birth or at any time before
  • if married, date of the marriage.

What if English is not my first language?

If English is not your first language and you would like someone to help with the registration, you should ask a friend or relative to come with you to the register office. But, please remember you must register the birth personally, you cannot ask a friend or relative to come in instead.

What if I am in a same-sex relationship?

If you were in a same-sex relationship with a female partner at the time the baby was conceived your partner’s details may be entered into the register as ‘Parent’ of the child.

Can my baby’s father’s details be added at a later date?

If the father’s details were not included in the original registration it is possible to re-register the birth to include these details in the future.

The Directgov website can provide you with an application form to re-register a childbirth record.

Directgov - changing a birth record (external website)

What is the Tell Us Once service?

When you have a new baby, there are lots of things that need to be done. One of these is contacting the government departments and local council services that need to be told about the birth. Until now, you had to contact all of them individually. 

East Riding Registration Services is offering a free service when you register the birth which we hope will make things easier for you. 

This service means that you can just “Tell Us Once” and we will do the rest on your behalf. 

Please note: remember to bring the completed child benefit form and accompanying envelope in order that we may be able to post this for you.

What is the tree dedication scheme?

A form can be filled in at the time of the birth registration of babies born in East Riding of Yorkshire requesting that a tree planted within East Riding of Yorkshire is dedicated to the child.  

The tree remains the property of and will be maintained by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. 

A dedication certificate will be posted out to the child notify parents of type and location of the tree.

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