Breaks for carers (respite care)

How to take short breaks from your care duties, what services are available, who is eligible to access respite care services, how much services cost and how to access them. 

What are short breaks (respite care) for carers? 

Carers breaks allow carers to take time away from their caring responsibilities and look after their own health. Carers may want to take a short break to catch up on sleep or spend leisure time with friends and family.

What short break services for carers are available?    

You can choose to either: 

  • access council-provided short break services


Council-provided services

We provide a number of services to support eligible carers to take short breaks from their care duties. These include:

Relief sitting service

A worker from our carer relief service provides care in the home of the person cared for.

Flexible breaks

Similar to the carer relief sitting service (above), but paid for out of a personal budget. This enables you to pre-book care cover while you take a break.

Short leisure breaks

The carers support service can arrange a short leisure break for carers at either: 

  • a caravan at Southcliff Caravan Park in Bridlington, or 
  • in a two bedroom cottage in the grounds of Sewerby Hall

Southcliff Caravan Park website (external website)

Sewerby Hall and Gardens website (external council website)

How long is a 'short break'?

The length of the break taken by a carer depends on who is providing the respite care services.

Council-provided respite care

If your short break services are provided by the council, your short break care will likely be organised for a few days at a time spread throughout the year. If you need to take a longer break from your care duties, you will need to discuss this with your care management worker. 

Don't have a care management worker?

You probably are not known to adult care services. Before you can access any council-provided respite care, you should contact customer services to organise an assessment of how the council can support you.

Going on holiday?

The council cannot provide care cover for you if you are going on holiday. You will need to pay for private care to stay in a residential care home or through another private respite care provider. 

Respite care in a residential care home

If your respite care is provided by a residential care home, the length of your stay will depend on space available in the care home. 

You may also need to consider the cost of the stay in the residential home, as prices in most homes will increase with the length of the visit. 

Read more on how to organise a stay in a residential care home.

Private providers of respite care

If you are paying for private respite care, then the length of the stay is dependent on how long you want to pay for. 

Do private providers offer respite care?

Yes - similar services are provided by independent care providers in the area. 

Details of these can be found on the East Riding Connect to Support website.

Please note: private providers may charge a fee for their services. You should speak to your care worker to check that this can be paid for out of your personal budget.

How can I get cover in an emergency?

If you are unable to provide care due to personal accident or emergency, the carers support service can work with you to organise contingency care plans for anyone you are responsible for.

You can read more about organising care cover in an emergency on the help and support for carers page

How do I organise a short stay in a residential care home?

To arrange a short stay in a residential care home, contact the care home directly to discuss the availability and cost of their services.

You can find contact details of care homes in your area in the care directory and find more information on care homes on the residential care home page.

Who is eligible to request short break support?

To access any short break services from the council, carers must:

  • be aged 18 or over, and
  • have received a carers assessment.
Find out how to get carers assessment on the help and support for carers page.  

Available short break services

Carer relief sitting service

For carers of adults with a diagnosis of a memory impairment.

Flexible breaks for carers

For carers looking after a person over 18-years-old who is in receipt of a  personal budget.

Short breaks for carers

For carers caring for a person over 18-years-old.

Carer emergency cover

For carers caring for a person over 18-years-old and who have been set up with a carers contact card.

Will I have to pay for short break services?

This depends on who is providing your short break care. 

Most council-provided short break services are free, however there is a charge for the flexible breaks service which is payable from your personal budget.

If you are accessing private short break care, or organising a stay in a residential care home, you will need to contact the provider directly to discuss the costs of their services.  

How can I access council-provided short break services?

You will need to contact customer services who will take your details and forward them onto the relevant team:

Tel: (01482) 393939

Send a respite care enquiry

Based on the information you provide, a decision will be made as to whether you need an assessment, and someone from our adult care management team will discuss the process with you.

Please note: if you are already receiving services from our adult social care team, any further requests should be made through your care worker. 

What is a PID number (party identification) and how do I get one?

A PID number (party identification) is a number on the care plan of the person you are caring for. 

If you don’t have a PID number or cannot find it, you can request one by sending us a respite care enquiry.

Send a respite care enquiry

After your enquiry has been submitted, we will contact you within three working days with information about the PID number you need.

A PID number allows you to:

How do I enquire about a short break (respite care)?

If this is your first time contacting the carer’s support service, you must enquire by filling the respite care enquiry form below. 

Send a respite care enquiry

Please note: We will respond to your enquiry within three working days.

How do I check availability for a short break (respite care)?  

if this is the first time you are contactingus for a short break (respite care) please complete the  respite care enquiry form.

To check what dates are available for a short break, you need to:

Contact method
(01482) 396500 or 0800 917 6844 (freephone)
 Connect to support - East Riding (external website)
Customer service centres
18 Wednesday Market, Beverley (no appointment necessary)

Monday - Thursday 9.30am - 4.30pm
Friday 9.30am - 4pm

How can I change or cancel an existing booking?

To change or cancel a visit, you need to:

  • have the PID number (party identification) of the person who is receiving care
  • give at least seven days notice to change or cancel a booking
Contact method
(01482) 396500