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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

A breakdown of fostering payments

What are the fostering allowances per week, per child? 

The following allowances are paid 'pro rata' which means if you only fostered a child for 3 days out of a week, you would only get a percentage of the weekly payment below:

Allowance per week, per child
0-4 years 5-10 years 11-15 years 16+ years
£159.89 £182.15 £226.75 £275.79

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What are the additional banding payments per week, per child?

'Banding payments' are additional payments on top of the weekly fostering allowance. The amount you get will depend on your skill level. Read more about banding levels.

Banding payments per week, per child
 Band 1  Band 2
 £26.11  £62.78


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What is the teenage supplement?

You will receive an additional weekly payment of £55.56 for each teenager (age 13+) that you look after.

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What is the annual loyalty payment?

You will receive an annual loyalty payment of £410 each year, this is payable after your yearly review meeting.

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