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Can I report a maintenance issue with a cemetery or churchyard?

We cut the grass, maintain floral areas and keep paths and walkways tidy. If you think we have fallen short of the standard you expect, or if you discover vandalism or desecration at one of our cemeteries, please let us know:

Report a maintenance issue at a cemetery or churchyard

What are the opening times at the council cemeteries?

The Cemetery opening times for the summer months (1st April to 30th September) are: 

Weekdays (Monday to Friday) - 8.00am to 7.00pm 

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and Bank Holidays - 9.00am to 7.00pm 

During the winter months (1st October to 31st March) opening times are: 

Weekdays (Monday to Friday) - 8.00am to 4.00pm 

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and Bank Holidays - 9.00am to 4.00pm 

The Cemeteries are open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day

Does the council run any crematoria?

No, both crematoria in the East Riding are privately-run, and not associated with East Riding of Yorkshire Council. 

View contact details for crematoria in the East Riding

What are the cemetery charges

Charges 2020/21
Exclusive Rights of Burial    
Earthen Grave  £961
Green Burial (Driffield Only)  £961
Earthen Grave - Stillborn  £84
Earthen Plot (Garden of Rest)  £768
Single Burial Plot in Garden of Rest (Queensgate Only)                                              £234

Full Burials (Fees x 2 on Saturday and Sundays subject to staff availability)  
Interment of Adult (16 or over)                        £948
Child (Under 16)  £246
Stillborn Child (Queensgate Only)                                                                                     £136
Green Burial (Driffield Only)                                                                     £742

Cremations (Fees x 2 on Saturday and Sundays subject to staff availability)     
Cremated Remains of Adult (16 or over)                                        £202
Cremated Remains of Stillborn or Child Under 16   £51
Scattering of Cremated Remains                                                         £62


Burial Plot Dug Out of Rotation                                                                                                            £349
Cremated Remains Plot Dug Out of Rotation  £349
Use of Chapel  £124
Transfer of Deed of Grant including preparation of Deed of Assignment   £71
Right to Place Individual Plaque (Garden of Rest Only)  £167
Purchase of Plaque (Including Inscription) + VAT   £157
Purchase of Plaque (Including Inscription and Photo) + VAT  £230
Exhumation + VAT  £4,971
Exhumation of Cremated Remains + VAT  £1,249
Right to Erect Headstone for Single Grave up to 18" (45cm) high  £116
Right to Erect Headstone for Single Grave exceeding 18" (45cm) high  £174

How do I arrange a burial?

The following pdf document provides advice on how to arrange a burial:

Advice on how to arrange a burial (227kb)

If you are making arrangements through a funeral director, they will take care of everything. 

If you are making arrangements yourself, you can contact us online.

Alternatively, you can email the Cemeteries Administration office:

Email: cemeteriesadmin@eastriding.gov.uk

If you need to change the Deed of Ownership of an existing grave the following pdf document provides all of the details required to complete this process.

Transfer of Exclusive Rights of Burial (pdf 100kb)

How do I arrange a 'green' burial?

Green burials are a sustainable burial option with a minimal environmental impact. We currently have a Green Burial site at Driffield Cemetery. The following pdf contains more information and details of how to arrange a Green Burial:

Information on Green Burials (51kb)


How do I arrange getting a headstone onto a grave?

The placement of a headstone or alterations to an existing headstone in an East Riding of Yorkshire Council cemetery can only be carried out by a mason who is accredited by National Association of Memorial Masons. 

 The mason will submit a permit for work application which can only be authorised by the deed holder for the grave/plot. 

 The regulations regarding dimensions of a headstone, etc. can be found in the relevant cemetery handbook below.

Why is a headstone laid down or staked in place?

Following a number of fatal accidents involving large headstones and children in cemeteries outside the East Riding, we have reviewed the way in which we manage the memorials within our cemeteries. 

Adhering to an inspection programme promoted by the National Association of Memorial Masons, each headstone is given a slight push and if any movement is felt the headstone may not have the correct fixings so has to be staked in place, or if it is really loose and in danger of falling it will be laid down. These are temporary measures until you can get it fixed - usually by the stonemason which supplied your headstone.

Please report a damaged headstone, providing the grave details (found on the back of the headstone) and the name of the deed holder. We will get in touch with you to tell you why the headstone was deemed unsafe, and inform you how you can get it repaired.

Can I trace a grave?

Yes, please call us on (01482) 395880 and we'll be happy to help where possible.

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