Safe Places scheme

Information on the Safe Places scheme, who the scheme is for, what to expect at a Safe Place and where to find Safe Places.

What is the Safe Places scheme??

The Safe Places scheme is an initiative active across the Humber region.

Safe Places is a simple scheme to help vulnerable people to stay safe while out and about in their community. Safe Places provide a temporary safe haven, help and support for those in need. This includes people who:

  • have learning disabilities or difficulties
  • have dementia
  • need support or require assistance whilst in public.

Anyone who is feeling vulnerable, scared, confused or lost can also ask for help at a Safe Place.

Users carry a Safe Place card which they can show at the safe place if they need help.

What happens when I enter a Safe Place?

When you enter a Safe Place, please show your Safe Place card to a member of staff. The staff member will offer you somewhere to sit and will telephone the named contact on your Safe Place card.

Where can I find a Safe Place in the East Riding of Yorkshire?

All public East Riding of Yorkshire Council venues are Safe Places.

There are many Safe Places located throughout East Yorkshire, including all public East Riding of Yorkshire Council venues. For a full list of Safe Places in the East Riding please see the PDF below:

East Riding Safe Places list (pdf 128kb)

All Safe Places also display a window sticker which is available to view within the PDF document below:

Safe Places window sticker (pdf 92kb)

How can a business or organisation become a Safe Place?

If you are interested in making your building a Safe Place in the East Riding, please contact:

Email: equalities@eastriding.gov.uk

Where can I find more information on the Safe Places scheme?

If you have any questions about the Safe Places scheme please get in touch:

Email: equalities@eastriding.gov.uk

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