What are the changes to marriage law from May 2021?

Find out how changes to marriage law from 4 May 2021 may affect you:

Marriage in a Civil or Religious Building other than Church of England Wales after 3 May 2021 (pdf 288kb)

The email address for East Riding Registration Services is:

How do I arrange a wedding ceremony?

To start planning your wedding celebrations, find wedding venues in the East Riding and ceremony costs please visit: (external council website)

Do I have to take my partner’s name when I get married?

There is no legal requirement to take your partner's name after you get married. You can keep your own name if you wish and you do not need to notify anyone of that decision. However, you may take your partner's name or even combine the two.

Who do I have to notify if I decide to change my name?

You only have to notify people or organisations that have an interest in your identity. For example, you will have to notify your employer, your bank, Inland Revenue etc.

What happens if my marriage is to take place in another country?

If you plan to marry in another country, you may be able to give notice in the district where each of you live. It requires 28 clear days waiting period from the date you apply to being granted a certificate of no impediment.

Check here that your country of ceremony requires a certificate of no impediment

Should you need to book an appointment email

What are immigration rules for getting married in England and Wales?

More information can be found on the link below. Should you need to contact our ceremonies team please email

GOV.UK - Marriages and civil partnerships (external website)

What happens to my personal information collected by the registrar?

View the East Riding Registration Services privacy notice for an explanation of what happens to personal information collected by registrars.

What happens if my marriage is to take place in a place of worship?

Before arranging a religious marriage, you will need to have talked to the authorities at your place of worship. If you intend to marry in the Church of England it is unlikely you will need to inform a registrar. We suggest that you telephone the Church of England faculty office on 020 7222 5381.

In most other instances you will need to give notice of your intention to get married. This happens in the register office in the district where you live unless one of you is a foreign national without right of abode. Each party to the marriage must give their own notice. For more information on giving notice, please visit (external East Riding website).

There is a minimum of 28 clear days waiting period, from the latest notice being given, before the marriage can take place. A document from both districts must be presented to the person performing the ceremony, prior to the marriage. The marriage must take place within one year of giving the earliest notice.

You may be required to have a registrar present to register your marriage. It is vitally important that the attendance of a registrar is confirmed as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The religious authorities should give all these details to you.

If you are in any doubt, please contact your nearest registration office.

How do I obtain copies of my marriage certificate?

You must apply to the register office in the district in which you were married. If you were married in the East Riding of Yorkshire we can provide a copy certificate of your marriage entry. Please contact your nearest registration office.

You can purchase additional copies of your marriage entry online.

Can we renew our vows at a later date?

Yes, we offer a bespoke renewal of vows ceremony. Find out more at: (external East Riding website).

What happens if I or my partner wish to transgender?

Depending where your marriage was registered, and whether you and your partner wish to stay married, you will need to take certain steps before you can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate. For full information, visit:

GOV.UK – Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate (external website)

How can I licence my venue for ceremonies?

You can apply for an approved venue license if your venue meets certain conditions. Further information can be found on the approved premises for ceremonies page.

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