Farming and land use

Explains how important farming is in the East Riding and how the council works with the farming sector.

How important is farming to the East Riding?

Agricultural land makes up 90% of the land area within the East Riding and the council has a highly-developed sense of the farming sectors continuing importance in shaping the area that is the East Riding.

Although at face value in economic terms the agricultural sector contributes a relatively modest 2-3% of the area's economy and employment, it provides the raw materials and the farmed landscape backdrop that underpins a number of key clusters that strengthen the area's economic identity.

  • Food and drink
  • Ports and logistics
  • Environmental industries
  • Cultural industries/tourism.

For more detailed information please click on the link below for a review of the importance of Agriculture and Land Management to the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Stage 2 Report (pdf 1.8mb)

How does the council work with the farming sector?

The council supports farmers across a number of departments, functions and levels, and, although these interactions vary enormously, they generally fall into one of these categories: 

  • Business growth and diversification - The council has a team of business advisors
  • The future of farming - With major changes currently facing the farming sector, the council's rural policy and partnership section is supporting the farming sector through the work of the Rural Partnership, the East Yorkshire Local Food Network, the Joint Local Access Forum and the delivery of the Rural Strategy
  • Landlords - The council has a number of farms and small holdings which are let to tenants on long term leases
  • Services - The council has a wide range of service areas that interact with farming and food business, from planning to food services. 

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