Community-led parish plans

Information about what one is, how they are created, the benefits, how much does it cost, how many is there in the East Riding, linking into the planning system and how to find out more information.

What is a community-led parish plan?

A community led parish plan is a statement of how the community itself sees itself developing over the next few years. It is a living document that develops over time reflecting the views of the community as a whole and contains an action plan which identifies practical steps that can be taken to help the community achieve its vision for the future.

As individuals we all have views about the place in which we live and work including:

  • what attracted us to live here and why we remain
  • what we value about or local community
  • our concerns about how our community might change
  • how we would like to see it improved
  • and what assets we would like to be protected.

The creation of a community-led parish plan allows for all of the people at the most local level to come together voice their opinions and create a document which is a collective voice for that community.

How are community-led parish plans created?

A community led parish plan is created by consulting with local residents, local businesses and people who come to work in the community.

Usually a public meeting is held to introduce the community led parish planning idea to people and from this meeting a small steering group of volunteers come forward to devise and carry out the community consultation.

You can view the plans below, if a plan you are looking for is not listed please contact a member of the rural team for assistance.

What are benefits of creating a community led parish plan?

There are numerous benefits that can be derived from the creation of a community led plan including:

  • renewed interest in the community by its residents
  • greater awareness of the community and what it has to offer
  • new activities develop in the community
  • the plan provides evidence of need which can be used to lobby service providers
  • the plan provides evidence of need which can be used to support funding bids
  • the consultation process promotes greater understanding of how services work
  • the plan promotes partnership working between residents, parish councils, the local authority and other service providers
  • the plan can be used as a celebration and snapshot of the communities history.

How much does a community led parish plan cost?

The main cost involved in the creation of a community led parish plan is the community consultation. How much this costs depends on the methods used and the size of the community. Common consultation methods include:

  • planning of real events
  • household questionnaires
  • observational treasure hunts
  • focus groups
  • street surgeries
  • online surveys

The costs involved include materials, venues, refreshments and publicity.

In addition, once the plan has been completed a published version is created for distribution. The cost of this varies on format, design, number of pages and the numbers printed.

Money to cover the cost usually comes from the following sources:

  • parish council
  • grants awarded
  • business sponsorship

For further advice on costs and funding, please email

How many community-led parish plans are there in the East Riding?

East Riding has 171 parish councils of which over 50 have been involved in the Community Led Parish Planning process.

Community-led parish plans are living documents that require review and refreshment every few years as actions are completed and the resident population in an area changes and develops. The origins of the parish planning process date back to the 1970's and the parish plans in the East Riding vary in format and timeframe covered.

If you wish to obtain a copy of a Community Led Parish Plan please email

Alternatively, you can use the parish council finder to link to a parish council website where the plans can be found.

How can I find out more about community-led parish planning?

Advice and support to communities wishing to undertake community-led parish plans are from two main sources.

Humber and Wolds Rural community council provide presentations outlining the community led parish planning process, general advice, equipment loan and officer support to individuals and communities. Further information can be found on their website.

Humber and Wolds Rural community council - about us (external website)

The rural policy and partnership service within the council have a dedicated rural communities officer who's role is to support communities wishing to undertake community led parish plans.

For further information, please email

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