Submit a notice of demolition, including details of your responsibilities when demolishing a building and how to report someone demolishing a building without permission.

Demolition notices

If you intend to demolish the whole or part of a building you are legally required to inform the council's building control team by applying for a 'demolition notice'.

About demolition notices

The Building Act 1984 contains provisions that enable local authorities to control demolition works for the protection of public safety and to ensure the site and adjoining premises are made good on completion of the demolition. We do this by issuing a 'notice of conditions' that requires certain works to be undertaken to achieve these aims.

Work not requiring a demolition notice

You do not need to notify us if you are planning to demolish:

  • an internal part of a building, where any part of the building is occupied and it is intended to remain occupied
  • a building smaller than 1750 cubic feet, measured externally (approximately 50 cubic metres)
  • a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage, even if the building forms part of a larger building
  • an agricultural building, unless it is in contact with another non-agricultural building
  • a building that has been served with a demolition order under the Housing Act 1985.

Apply and pay for a demolition notice


The fee for a demolition application is £220 which must be paid during the online application by debit or credit card.

Apply online

Apply and pay for a demolition notice

What happens next?

Once we receive an application for demolition works, we will issue a counter notice, and undertake site visits to ensure the demolition is carried out safely.

Copies of the demolition notice will also be sent to the following groups:

  • YEDL
  • United Utilities Operations
  • The Fire Safety Service
  • The Planning Section
  • Yorkshire Water Services Ltd
  • Any adjacent occupiers
  • The Conservation Department
  • The Health and Safety Executive
  • Street Naming and Numbering
  • Neighbours.

Your responsibilities

You may be required to:

  • shore up any building adjacent to the building to which the notice relates
  • weatherproof any surfaces of an adjacent building which are exposed by the demolition
  • repair and make good any damage to an adjacent building caused by the demolition or by the negligent act or of any person engaged in it
  • remove material or rubbish resulting from the clearance and demolition of the site
  • disconnect and seal, at such points as the council may reasonably require, any sewer or drain in or under the building
  • block off any sewer or drain
  • make good to the satisfaction of the council the surface of the ground disturbed by the demolition
  • make arrangements with relevant statutory undertakers for the disconnection of the supply of gas, electricity and water to the building
  • make such arrangements with regard to the burning of structures or materials on site as may be reasonably required, if the building forms part of special premises by the Health and Safety Executive and the Fire Authority, in any other case by the Fire Authority.

Already started to demolish? Stop and read...

You must stop work immediately and contact us for advice.

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