East Riding Local Plan (adopted April 2016)

Information about the East Riding Local Plan, a suite of planning documents that together will provide the framework for managing development and addressing key planning issues in the East Riding.

What is the East Riding Local Plan?

The East Riding Local Plan is the name for the suite of planning documents that together provide the long term development plan for the East Riding. This means that they are the starting point for determining planning applications and guiding investment decisions.

The plan sets out a long term strategy that will help to guide new development across the East Riding over the period to 2029. This includes the allocation of sites that will provide new housing and employment opportunities, alongside the delivery of supporting infrastructure. It will also be used to make decisions on planning applications. A number of documents make up the Local Plan. These are listed below:

Strategy Document

The Strategy Document sets the overall strategic direction for the Local Plan, providing strategic policies to guide decisions on planning applications. It was adopted by the council at its meeting on 6 April 2016:

Strategy Document - Adopted April 2016 (pdf 7.9mb)

Strategy Document - Adoption Statement April 2016 (pdf 95kb)

Strategy Document - SEA Adoption Statement April 2016 (pdf 117kb)

Allocations Document

The Allocations Document allocates sites for development (such as housing, retail, industry or land for transport schemes). It was adopted by the Council at its meeting on 27 July 2016:

Allocations Document - Adopted July 2016 (pdf 4.4mb)

Allocations Document - Adoption Statement July 2016 (pdf 96kb)

Allocations Document - SEA Adoption Statement (pdf 117kb)

Policies Map

The Local Plan documents are complemented by a Policies Map. It shows designations, such as areas of open space or biodiversity assets, and allocations for particular land uses such as housing, which relates to specific policies in the above Local Plan documents.

Bridlington Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP)

The Bridlington Town Centre AAP provides specific policies to guide development and contribute to the urban renaissance of Bridlington Town Centre. The AAP was adopted in January 2013:

Bridlington Town Centre AAP - Adopted Jan 2013 (pdf 5mb)

Other documents

A Joint Waste Plan is being prepared to provide policies for future waste management needs. A Joint Minerals Plan has been prepared that sets out policies for managing mineral extraction. Both of these documents cover Hull and the East Riding.

The local plan may be supplemented by neighbourhood plans, which are produced by town and parish councils.

Additionally, supplementary planning documentsexpand or add details to policies laid out in Local Plans. These may take the form of design guides, area development briefs, a master plan or issue-based documents. For example, SPDs can cover topics such as affordable housing or residential extensions.

Policies in the local plan are monitored to ensure the right type of development is being delivered. It is also necessary to maintain up-to-date evidence and respond to changes in national planning policy. These may indicate parts of the plan that need to be reviewed and updated.

Many local residents and groups submitted comments on the local plan, which were considered through its preparation. Throughout this process, the council ensured that everyone expressing an interest in the plan had the opportunity to comment on each stage of plan-making.

As the plan has now been adopted, the council will not retain the contact details for individual respondents, however, if anyone still wishes to be consulted on future iterations of the local plan they should contact the council's forward planning team at forward.planning@eastriding.gov.uk or by calling (01482) 391701.

Will the Local Plan be updated?

Yes. The council is required to assess whether a review of the Local Plan is needed within five years of adoption. Our assessment has found that an update is required due to:

  • changes in the new National Planning Policy Framework
  • issues identified in the inspector’s report on the Local Plan examination; and
  • the monitoring of current Local Plan policies and updates to the Evidence Base.

As such, the council has prepared a Local Plan Update and consulted on proposed changes. It has now been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination. More information can be found on our Local Plan Update pages.

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