Will you win a Golden Ticket for the Festival of Words?

Thu, 06 Sep 2018

As part of the East Riding Festival of Words, the new-look literature festival for 2018 which will take place from 18-21 October, Golden Tickets have been hidden in books across the 23 libraries and mobile libraries in the East Riding, and are waiting to be won.

Golden Tickets are concealed in books by the authors who are performing at the festival, and offer two free places to that particular author’s event, or a pair of full day passes for the Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

But, it’s not as easy as going to search the shelves for Golden Tickets – winners will be notified when they borrow the book, so either a message will flash up on the self service machines, or library staff will notify winners at the counter, upon which the ticket will be presented.

The Tickets have already been distributed and hidden, and are available (unless found) until 17 October.

Author events will include Val McDermid, Val Wood, Stephen Booth, Lesley Pearse, David Mark, and Mark Billingham to name but a few.

The new-look Festival of Words will feature four days full of poetry, literature and spoken word events, and will include the Dead Good Day dedicated to crime fiction; a day of debut writers; local bestsellers; a lively children’s festival; and a focus on dementia with local author Wendy Mitchell.

Tickets are available now for all events, and full details of the festival and how to book are at $(document).ready(function(){ $('.er-dir-hide').hide(); if ($('.er-filter-directory h1').text().trim().length > 0) { $('title').text($('.er-filter-directory h1:first').text().trim()); } }) $(document).ready(function(){ if ($('.er-filter-row.imageslidername').length > 0 ) { $.getScript('//cdn.jsdelivr.net/jquery.slick/1.6.0/slick.min.js', function(){ $('.er-slider-main').slick({ slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1, adaptiveHeight: true, arrows: false, fade: true, asNavFor: '.er-slider-nav' }); $('.er-slider-nav').slick({ slidesToShow: 5, slidesToScroll: 1, asNavFor: '.er-slider-main', centerMode: false, focusOnSelect: true }); $('.er-slider-main').on('afterChange', function(event, slick, currentSlide, nextSlide){ $('.er-slider-title').text($(this).find('.slick-current img').attr('alt')); $('.er-slider-page-current').text($(this).find('.slick-current').attr('data-page')); }); $('.er-slider-prev').click(function(event){ event.preventDefault(); $('.er-slider-main').slick('slickPrev'); }) $('.er-slider-next').click(function(event){ event.preventDefault(); $('.er-slider-main').slick('slickNext'); }) }) } $('.er-filter-row.accordion:first').addClass('first').prev().addClass('noborder'); $('.er-filter-row.accordion:last').addClass('last'); $('.er-filter-row.accordion .label a').click(function(e){ e.preventDefault(); }) $('.er-filter-row.accordion').each(function(idx, obj){ $(this).find('.label:first').click(function(event){ $(this).siblings().slideToggle(); if ($(this).find('.er-filter-acc-btn.open').length == 0) { $(this).find('.er-filter-acc-btn').addClass('open'); } else { $(this).find('.er-filter-acc-btn').removeClass('open'); } }) }) })