Bridlington seafood company to maximise crab production: issued on behalf of Holderness Coast FLAG

Tue, 09 Oct 2018

Venture Seafoods, based in Bridlington, employs 33 local people all year round with numbers rising to 40 during peak periods. A major shellfish processor, the firm moved to its new premises at Carnaby in 2012. The company process live, raw, cooked, chilled and frozen shellfish and distributes the product to the UK, Europe and Asia.

Due to the rising price of live brown crab, the company was wanting to extract the maximum yield from the product in order to maintain the company as the largest crab meat producer on the east coast of the UK. Following an approach to the Holderness Coast Fishery Local Action Group (FLAG) the company has been successful in securing a grant of European funding (from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund) to purchase and install a machine to extract meat from crab legs. The meat from this part of the crab is very difficult to extract and usually ends up as waste. The machine that has now been installed uses compressed air to extract the meat, avoiding the need for manual extraction.

The Holderness Coast FLAG has been keen to support the expansion of local shellfish companies given the importance of the fishing industry to the coastal towns in the East Riding and this investment will safeguard jobs and assist the profitability of the company

Gary Hodgson of Venture Seafoods said:

“We are very grateful for the financial assistance from the Holderness Coast FLAG; their contribution has allowed us to purchase this machine from Canada.

“As a company we have continued to invest in the facilities, machinery and employee training since relocating to the purpose built site in 2012 in order to progress the company and to remain competitive in a difficult trading environment.

“We are unsure how Brexit will affect the 85% of the UK shellfish that are exported to Europe each year and we have been investing to be able to supply different markets if the Brexit discussions are unfavourable to the UK shellfish industry”