Sewerby Hall and Gardens zoo takes conservation projects under its wing

Mon, 15 Oct 2018

The Zoo at Sewerby Hall and Gardens is actively supporting the work of the World Pheasant Association (WPA), a UK registered charity committed to the conservation of Galliformes and the habitats they depend upon.

Galliformes are an order of birds that include pheasants, partridges and grouse.

The WPA work around the world to conserve these birds in captivity and in the wild to prevent their extinction. One of the projects that the WPA is working on at the moment is a long term action plan to return Edwards’ Pheasant back into the wild. The Edwards’ Pheasant is classed as critically endangered and could possibly be extinct in the wild.

The zoo has a collection of pheasants and one of the species is an Edwards’ pheasant. In addition, the zoo has a collection box collecting funds for these projects. So far this year the Zoo has collected just over £400.

The Zoo also runs regular fun workshops such as Penguin hat makingto raise funds for Humboldt Penguins in the wild.

These funds are going to support the sustainable guano harvest in 2019. The Humboldt Penguin nests in guano and this guano is harvested, taking away nesting sites from the Penguins.

The sustainable guano harvest is vital in supporting the survival of the Humboldt Penguin which is classed as vulnerable in the wild.

Zookeeper John Pickering said : “Raising funds for conservation projects such as these is vital, and I am delighted that we are able to make our contribution, and of course we thank all our visitors for their donations.”