Join in the Big Draw this Saturday at the Treasure House in Beverley

Tue, 16 Oct 2018

The Big Draw is coming to Beverley this Saturday (20 October), with a special free event for all ages upstairs in the Treasure House and Art Gallery, from 10am to 3pm.

Part of the Big Draw national festival, the Beverley event will feature creative activities on the theme of shipbuilding and the sea (linked to the continuing Trawling through Time project being run by East Riding Archives and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund).

There will be still-life sketching, with an artist on hand for guidance; digital painting; and sea-themed play for under fives.

Sarah Hammond education officer, said : “This will be great fun for all ages from under fives to older children, families, and adults! You don’t need any experience or artistic skills to take part. All the activities link with our archives, and collections in the Art Gallery and Museums, so it will be a fun way to learn more at the same time.”

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