Volunteers needed to help facilitate Sewerby Squirrels

Tue, 06 Nov 2018

New volunteer under 5s facilitators are being sought to support ‘Sewerby Squirrels’ - weekly sessions for the under 5s at Sewerby Hall and Gardens.

These sessions run on Monday mornings during East Riding term-time. They feature themed activities, which link with the Edwardian setup of the Hall itself including the gardens, the beach, and Amy Johnson. They are well-established, having been running since September 2017, and take place in the Orangery from 10-11.30am.

Applications are welcome from anyone aged 18 or over, who enjoys working with children of this age, and has an interest in history. No qualifications or prior experience is necessary – but enthusiasm is a must! The new volunteer under 5s facilitators will assist in setting up the sessions, tidying away afterwards, and – most importantly of all – joining in the fun, supporting the youngest visitors to engage with the activities.

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