A chance to celebrate 90 years of Beverley Reference Library

Mon, 03 Dec 2018

On Thursday, 6 December, a special evening event from 6pm to 8pm will celebrate 90 years of Beverley Reference Library.

Members of the public are invited to celebrate 90 years since the Reference wing was opened. Current and former staff members will be in attendance and there will be a talk on the history of the library.

Historical information will be on display, including newspaper coverage from 90 years ago :


‘New wing opened yesterday at Beverley’

Alderman J E Bartlett, Chairman of Beverley Public Library Committee, yesterday afternoon opened the new Reference Library which has been built as a new wing to the public library, art gallery and museum, built in 1906 by Mr J E Champney, a native of Beverley and donor of the new building. The Mayor, Mr Maw, unveiled a bronze tablet in the entrance to the library, recording the gift of both buildings. Alderman Bartlett, declaring the building open, said it was a noble gift, worthy of the man who gave it and worthy of the town. He moved a hearty gift of thanks to the donor and this was carried.

Yorkshire Post & Leeds Intelligencer, Dec 14th 1928

The actual anniversary is on Thursday, 13 December and on that date, library staff will be giving out Reference goody bags to the first 20 customers.

Katherine Richardson, reference librarian, said : “1928 was a very big year – it was the year when Tigger first appeared; Mickey Mouse first appeared; and the Oxford English Dictionary was first published! We are proud to be able to mark our own 90th anniversary!”

The Reference Library continues its tradition of offering a wide selection of books, newspapers and magazines for members of the public to browse; but in 2018 it also provides WIFI and a coffee machine. It is a unique, free to access, quiet space that can be used by anyone for reading, study and learning.

The opening hours are : Monday 9.30-5, Tuesday 9.30-8, Wednesday 9.30-5, Thursday 9.30-8, Friday 9.30-5, Saturday 9-4.