Have your say on safeguarding in the East Riding

Wed, 19 Dec 2018

The Safeguarding Adults Board is currently seeking views for their Safeguarding Adults Strategy 2019 - 2022, and has an online survey which enables professionals, services users and members of the public to contribute their views for the three year strategy.

East Riding Safeguarding Adults Board is a multi-agency organisation responsible for ensuring the protection and safety of the most vulnerable adults in the East Riding.

Its role is to ensure that all agencies that deliver services within the East Riding of Yorkshire work together, to minimisethe risk of abuse to adults at risk and to protect those subject to abuse.

The board is currently working on a new three year safeguarding strategy which covers the East Riding of Yorkshire. The strategy will tell people what the board is going to do and how it is going to do it. It gives information about the priorities for the next three years.

What is abuse?

Abuse happens in lots of different ways.

Abuse can be:

  • When someone hurts or treats you badly

  • When someone does or says things to make you upset or frightened.

    Emotional abuse

    This is when people say bad things to hurt your feelings, shout or threaten you. This could be:

  • Calling you names

  • Blaming you when it is not your fault

  • Ignoring you

  • Laughing at you

  • Treating you like a child.

    Physical abuse

    This is when someone hurts you. This could be someone who:

  • Hits you

  • Kicks you

  • Pinches or scratches you

  • Pulls your hair

  • Burns you.

    Sexual abuse

    This is when someone touches your body or private parts in ways you do not like or want. It is also when someone makes you do sexual things that make you sad, angry or frightened. This can be someone:

  • Touching your bottom

  • Touching your breasts/genitals

  • Making you touch other people in these places

  • Making you look at or watch pictures or films of a sexual nature.

    Financial abuse

    This is when people take your money or belongings without asking. This can be when someone:

  • Steals your money

  • Takes control of your money

  • Makes you pay for other people’s things

  • Takes things that belong to you.


    This is when people who are there to help you do not look after you properly. This can include:

  • Being hungry most of the time

  • Not being kept safe

  • Not getting the right medical help

  • Not having clean clothes to wear.


    This is when people treat you badly or unfairly because you are different to them. This could be because you:

  • Have a different coloured skin

  • Have different religious beliefs

  • Are disabled

  • Are lesbian or gay

  • Speak a different language.

    Institutional abuse

    This is when paid staff in a hospital or care home do not care for you properly or respect your rights. This can be when:

  • There are not enough staff on duty most of the time

  • Most of the staff are not trained

  • The rules and routines are made by the manager and staff

  • Your personal things are used by or for someone else.

    Who might abuse you?

    Most people will not abuse. However, people who could abuse you might be:

  • A member of your family

  • Paid staff or professionals

  • Neighbours

  • Strangers

  • Friends

  • Volunteers.

    Where can abuse happen?

    Abuse can happen anywhere and at any time. It could happen:

  • In the house or home where you live

  • In hospital

  • At a day centre

  • At work

  • In the street.

    Who should I tell?

    If you think you have been or are being abused you should talk to someone you trust as soon as you can. This could be:

  • A member of your family

  • A friend

  • A police officer

  • A doctor or nurse

  • A council or social worker.

    Say no to abuse

    East Riding Safeguarding Adults Board is committed to stopping all forms of abuse as it aims to protect all adults living in the East Riding.


  • Mistreatment of any adult is not acceptable

  • You can make a difference

  • Safeguarding adults is everyone’s business.

    Residents from the East Riding are invited to give their thoughts and views which will help the board to ensure that they are focusing on the issues that matter most about how they can help people in the East Riding to stay safe, prevent abuse and neglect and protect those that are at risk. The consultation deadline is 7 January 2019.

    The link to the consultation is on the board website at http://www.ersab.org.uk/ or visit the consultation directly at https://tinyurl.com/y7cr5zws

    For more information contact Marie Chappell, safeguarding adults board manager, by emailing marie.chappell@eastriding.gov.uk or by calling (01482) 392093.