Beat the blues this Monday

Mon, 21 Jan 2019
Today has been dubbed Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year – due to its combination of post-Christmas finances, cold weather and dark nights.

Here are ten suggestions to help brighten up not only your Monday, but potentially your whole week:

  1. Visit friends

    How long has it been since you’ve caught up with your best friend, family member or colleague for a cuppa?

  2. Join a club

    Men in Sheds is a place for men to go to socialise whilst being creative with the hobbies they enjoy, such as painting, woodwork, metalwork or restoration to name a few.

    Likewise, Fitmums and Friends is an informal running group for both men and women who want to keep fit or meet new people.

  3. Read your favourite book

    Reading is an excellent way to exercise the mind. Why not pick your favourite book or take a trip to the library to become immersed in an exciting storyline.

  4. Go for a walk

    It may be cold outside but the fresh air will help to clear your mind. Take in the scenery around you and focus on smells and sounds. If you have reduced mobility, why not try some gentle chair exercises?

  5. Find events to visit

    Search your local area for events and activities to take part in. Something as simple as visiting the theatre, cinema or joining in a Knit and Natter session at the library can help take your mind off having the blues.

  6. Go for a drive

    If driving is your thing, why not find out what the rest of the East Riding has to offer by going for a scenic drive? Trains and buses are also available for those who don’t drive.

  7. Get creative

    Ever wanted to write a book? Now could be a perfect time to get started. Or how about making your own set of hand-crafted greeting cards? Being creative is good for mental health and can take your mind off things that may be bothering you.

  8. Watch a funny film

    Laughing is a great way to abolish the Monday blues. Watch your favourite funny film or ask your friends for suggestions of good comedies to see. Why not get in some popcorn and invite your friends along!

  9. Get involved in sports

    Whether it be watching sports on TV or taking part in sports, having a hobby can be helpful for a person’s health and wellbeing. Why not join the local football, rugby or netball team? Exercise can have huge benefits to someone who has the blues.

  10. Remember what makes you happy

Have a think about all the things that make you happy or used to make you happy. Write a list and keep it somewhere you can see it every day, like your fridge. See how many of the items you can realistically do and make the effort to aim towards doing at least one of them during your busy life.

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