New immersive video-art exhibition opens at Beverley Art Gallery on Saturday (9 February): Kamila Zenata

Mon, 04 Feb 2019

A new international exhibition opens this Saturday (9 February) at Beverley Art Gallery – it’s an immersive, video-art exhibition looking at the work of Czech artist Kamila Zenata.

The exhibition has been developed by Beverley Art Gallery curator Helena Cox, working with the artist, and was originally on display in Berlin last summer.

Kamila Ženatá is a Czech contemporary multi-media artist with an international reputation, drawing upon her extensive experience with art therapy. This exhibition is a tribute to the ‘Book of Changes’, an ancient Chinese collection of wisdom.

Since its dispersal across Western cultures, ‘The Book of Changes’ had a profound influence on modern psychology, literature and art. Kamila has created eight videos celebrating the natural elements appearing as symbols in the Book.

In the exhibition, the eight videos are shown simultaneously, creating an immersive experience for all senses, celebrating synchronicity and mutual interaction.

The free exhibition was created in collaboration with the Hošek Contemporary Gallery in Berlin and is supported by the Czech Centre, London.

Curator Helena Cox said : “It was a great privilege to work with Kamila to develop this amazing exhibition, which proved very popular in Berlin, and I am delighted that we are now able to display it right here in Beverley!”