A happier, healthier Withernsea!

Fri, 08 Mar 2019

A pilot to inspire a happier, healthier Withernsea continues to blossom as the next stages are taken forward in the town and residents are invited to have their say on the name of the project.

Withernsea received funding from Sport England for the community to work together to increase physical activity and improve lives, as well as build community trust and pride in the town.

The project, currently being referred to under its working title, Active Withernsea, needs a permanent name.

While the pilot team has been talking to people a number of new names have been suggested.

The team is now asking the residents of Withernsea to rank the names below - ‘1’ for their favourite and ‘4’ for their least favourite - in a poll that starts on Monday, 11 March.

The options are:

  • Active Withernsea
  • Connect Withernsea
  • Our Withernsea
  • Withernsea Us

Residents can vote in the following ways:

  • Email withernsea@eastriding.gov.uk
  • Customer Service Centre/East Riding Library
  • Children’s centre
  • Leisure centre
  • The Shores Centre, Withernsea HU19 2DL

Residents have until Monday, 18 March to make their choice.

The team working on the pilot is already out and about in the community engaging with residents and listening to their views about the local area and how to improve wellbeing.

As part of this, the team will work with Withernsea residents and local groups to identify any gaps and barriers involved in leading healthy, active lifestyles and to start to find solutions to those issues together.

Angela Williams, lead officer for the project, said: “At the moment the project is creating new links between the community and local groups, facilities and opportunities to encourage people to join in the great activities already on offer in the town.

“We want the residents of Withernsea to choose a name that represents them, their project and the area as much as possible in terms of being socially, mentally and physically healthy.

“We need your views and ideas, so please get in touch and have your say.”

For more information email active.withernsea@eastriding.gov.uk