New exhibition at Sewerby Hall and Gardens marks 100 years since the Bridlington Peace Pageant

Mon, 25 Mar 2019

A new exhibition at Sewerby Hall and Gardens will mark the centenary of the Bridlington Peace Pageant.

In 1919, the people of the town celebrated the end of the Great War with a series of historical events, fairs and presentations, including a procession through the streets of Bridlington town centre. This was known as the Bridlington Peace Pageant.

Opening on Saturday, 30 March, and running until Sunday, 2 June, the exhibition will look back on that summer day in July, 1919 as the procession weaved from the Recreation Ground through the town centre to finish at High Green.

Taking part were 600 people who were all in costume and ‘arranged’ to represent different historical eras and the famous characters who lived in them, associated with Bridlington, Sewerby, Flamborough and the outlying villages.

Curator Janice Smith explains : “Bridlington Peace Pageant was special - all those historical figures in the parade were in some way linked to Bridlington. They were either significant individuals who lived here, members of the royal family who visited Bridlington, or Europeans who settled in the town.”

The procession was headed by people representing the Ancient Britons who lived in the Bridlington area, followed by characters from the Roman era, the Anglo Saxons, the Vikings, the Normans, the Plantagenets, the Tudors, the Stuarts, and finally the Hanoverians, or Georgians – all of whom had impacted on Bridlington in some way.

The exhibition examines the local impact of all these different historical periods, with stories and examples from each. For example, in the Hanoverian era, the exhibition recalls a sea battle of 1779 near Flamborough Head, when Captain John Paul Jones (played in the Peace Pageant by a popular local yachtsman) led his American ship the Bonnehomme Richard against the British ship HMS Serapis, costing the lives of nearly half the American and British crews involved.

The opening date of the exhibition – 30 March – marks the start of the new season at Sewerby Hall and Gardens, and admission prices to the house and gardens will be £8.40 for adults; £6.20 for children; and £28 for a family ticket. In term time, the prices are reduced to £7.90 for adults; £5.70 for children; and £26 for a family ticket.

Full details of the exhibition, events, the zoo, the Clock Tower Café and the house and gardens can be found online at www.sewerbyhall.co.uk, and customers can save ten per cent on admission by booking in advance online.