Name announced for the Withernsea project

Wed, 27 Mar 2019

The people of Withernsea have had their say in a recent poll and named their community project, and now they are being asked to get involved and find out more.

The team working on a project to help inspire a happier, healthier Withernsea has now announced its permanent name will be Active Withernsea thanks to residents in the town who voted in a poll for their favourite choice.

Withernsea received funding from Sport England for the community to work together to increase mental, social and physical activity and improve lives, as well as build community trust and pride in the town.

The project, which was being referred to under its working title, Active Withernsea, needed a permanent name and asked Withernsea residents to choose to keep it or choose a new name.

The majority of voters chose to keep the name and the team would like to thank everyone for voting and having their say.

Angela Williams, lead officer for the project, said: “We are really happy at the number of people who took the time to vote on the name of the project and we are very pleased that a permanent name has been chosen.

“We now would love to encourage the town to keep having their say on how the project should move forward”.

The team is talking to residents and hoping to hear from a lot more people over the coming months about how Active Withernsea can help people lead more mentally, socially and physically healthy lifestyles.

Angela added: “So far we have heard from people who want to talk about the play park, walking and cycling routes.

“We are very interested in talking about these topics and would like to hear more from Withernsea residents.

“We would also love to hear more about the opportunities available within your town, as well as any other suggestions people may have to benefit them or their friends, families and neighbours.”

Withernsea residents are being encouraged to get involved and have their say on what they’d like to see happen in the town, either by having an input on the topics above or by giving their suggestions.

To have your say or to find out more information comment on our facebook page @ActiveWith, call (01482) 395013 or email active.withernsea@eastriding.gov.uk