East riding of Yorkshire Council elections 2019 - You don't need a poll card to vote

Fri, 19 Apr 2019

Residents across the East Riding who are eligible to take part in the local ward, town and parish council elections on Thursday, 2 May do not need a poll card in order to vote.

Poll cards are sent out to all registered voters shortly before an election and gives information about the election, the location of the polling station and the opening and closing times as well as the name, address and electoral number of the voter.

If the poll card has not been received, or it has been lost or misplaced, as long as people are on the electoral register and are eligible to vote in these elections, they can go to their local polling station and give their name and address before being issued with a ballot paper.

Polling stations across the East Riding will be open on Thursday, 2 May from 7am until 10pm

Caroline Lacey, returning officer, said: “Many people may be put off from voting because they don’t have a poll card but they can attend their local polling station, give their name and address and they will be able to vote.”

For more information about the elections go to www.eastriding.gov.uk/elections2019