New walk created with funds from Goole Fields Wind Farms Community Fund

Wed, 12 Jun 2019

The Vale of Snaith Walkers Are Welcome Team has launched a new walking trail in East Cowick from June, part-funded by Goole Fields Wind Farms Community Fund and the Ramblers’ Holidays Charitable Trust.

The new walking trail is circular and is fully marked with 17 two-way signs. Because of this system, walkers are able to start their walk at any one of the designated signs, set off in their preferred direction and are able to return to their original starting point, reducing the fear for the walker of getting lost or the need for them to carry a map.

The walk is approximately four miles long and consists of a variety of surfaces, including pavement, country lanes, tracks, riverbanks and woodland.

Throughout the walk, there is also an array of different views, including Cowick Church, Cowick Hall, Carlton Towers and the River Aire corridor.

Should a walker decide that they would like to divert from the trail there is opportunity to do so as signposted, located approximately a quarter of a mile from the trail, there are the Snaith ponds, which Keith Greenwood, chair of The Vale of Snaith Action Group describes as ‘a haven for wildlife on the riverbank’.

Keith believes the new trail to be an effective way of utilising local funding in order to promote the area to both current residents and to visitors.

The Goole Fields Wind Farms Community Fund, which launched in 2015, receives an annual donation of more than £200,000 from its owner, Innogy Renewables UK Ltd.

The fund aims to benefit local communities in the wards of Goole North, Goole South, Snaith, Airmyn, Rawcliffe and Marshland plus the parishes of Kilpin, Laxton and Blacktoft.

Katy Woodington, senior community investment officer at innogy Renewables UK, said: “It’s fantastic to see the Goole Fields Wind Farms Community Fund making a positive impact in the neighbouring area. It is an amazing source of long-term funding and is flexible in terms of who it can support and what it can fund. It also puts the community at the heart of decision making, meaning local people have control over their communities’ future.”

Applicants can include community groups, organisations, charities, social enterprises, town or parish councils, schools and faith communities and these can apply for a grant from a few hundred pounds up to £50,000. Applications can be made at any time throughout the year however, the Goole Fields Wind Farms Community Fund Panel meet quarterly to make funding decisions.

For more information regarding the new walk, visit www.walkingsnaithvale.co.uk

For information regarding the Goole Fields Wind Farms Community Fund, visit www.eastriding.gov.uk/goole-fields-fund